What's in a Name?

Nordic Njerd is my alias since I am of Scandinavian heritage and have always been sort of a technical nerd. From the Wikipedia - "Traditionally, a nerd is a very intelligent but lonely and socially awkward person who is fascinated by knowledge, especially science. A nerd who is versed in computer technology can also be a hacker. Beginning in the late 1990s, many nerds on the Internet reclaimed the word nerd as a badge of pride, and began using it as a positive description of any technically competent person, with less implication or focus on social awkwardness.”

My great-grandparents came to United States from Norway and Sweden. Both grandmothers were Norwegian and both grandfathers were Swedish. See Wikipedia definitions for 
Nordic and Scandinavia. Our family settled in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but today most reside around the Minneapolis, MN area.
Wolverine Adding Machine

I have used computers since the 1960's. Even before if you consider my first computer as being a Wolverine Adding Machine in the 1950's.


This picture is from when I was about 5 years old. I already had my nerd glasses at that time as well. In January, 2017, I had cataract surgery and got a high tech multi-focal lenses inserted so I no longer need to wear glasses.

I scored 54% and 51.4% on the following Nerd tests [in 2006]. Check them out to see how much of a nerd you are.  [Sorry that these tests are out of date.  Need to find some more recent ones.  I did watch Dobbie Gillis and I Dream of Jeannie though.]

Nerd test
Long nerd test