1937 Chevy Update

Just noticed that it has been about a year since I posted about the old car.  I did get the frame finished after my last status and got a newer grill and four fiberglass fenders mounted.  I bought four new Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires for the new rims, but then found out that the 15 inch wheels did not fit under the front fenders.  That pretty much finished out 2010.
I didn't get a whole lot done in 2010.  About the time the weather warmed up, I was hit by a couple of medical problems.  It wasn't until later in the Fall that I bought a fiberglass trunk lid and found out I had some work to get it mounted.  Turns out that it came in two parts: the outer shell and the inner ribbed section.  Since I ordered the model that had a "frenched" license plate section in the outer shell, the inner section needed to be modified to clear the depressed license area.  Also all of the mounting areas for hinges and latch needed to be drilled.  There were 20 holes to drill with 10 into reinforcing plates that also needed to be tapped.  I am still working on it and plan a separate posting to describe the separate steps involved with mounting it.
In the meantime, here is what the car looks like.