TI99 Update


Recently, I purchased a
Jaton X-Media Dreambox which converts TV and other video signals to SVGA for viewing on an LCD or other computer monitors. It was a $150 converter on sale for $30. My main reason to buy it was to eliminate a TV monitor that I was using on one of my TI99/4A computers which now can display on the Dell PC monitor. I actually use one of the A/V inputs leaving two other A/V and S-Video inputs that could be used with a DVD or VCR. A 15 pin computer monitor input allows switching to use the PC normally. There is also a regular TV/cable input and 125 channel analog tuner built-in so that broadcast TV can be watched. The converter also has an audio mini-jack input and output which is switched depending on the video input selection through a remote control or buttons on the box.

The picture above shows the A/V input which comes from the TI99 console shown in the first picture below. The Dell PC is connected through the Dreambox VGA input as well and the display is switched between the PV and the TI99. The other picture below shows the TI99 Peripheral Expansion Box with one internal 5 1/4 inch floppy drive and 2 external floppy drives.