Dual Screen Recliner

friday, 08 may 2009 18:00
I recently updated my LazyBoy recliner to two screens. Back in Feb 2006, I posted my setup with an iMac G5 mounted on a PVC pipe arm. In Oct 2006, I upgraded that to a MacBook Pro with a second monitor. About a year ago, I purchased a MacPro and used it with the monitor which I had. About a month ago, I purchased another 20" monitor and modified the base stand to support both monitors. I was able to find another Sanus monitor support arm that matched the one I had. Both PVC pipes have a steel pipe within for added strength and less flexing. In this picture, you can also see the HP All-in-One printer and the extended carpeted base. The MacPro is a quad-processor running at 2.8 Ghz with 6 GB of memory and 3 SATA hard drives totaling 1.14 TB. I have space for a 4th hard drive which I plan to fill soon with at least another TB.


This second picture, looking from the back corner, shows the Logitec wireless keyboard and mouse. My iPhone is also sitting on the side-shelf which is a place to set the keyboard and mouse when I am not using them.

I can also connect the MacPro to my Sony 46" LCD TV and effectively have 3 monitors. (Note the perspective makes the 20" monitors look bigger than the 46" TV). The TV and Mac are connected to separate Sony and Coby surround sound systems. The Coby system also has an AM/FM receiver and DVD player built in. An AppleTV (essentially a Mac computer) is networked with the Mac and connected to the TV as well for direct internet access to Apple's iTunes store. To complete the setup, an EyeTV box is connected to a Comcast DVR as well as direct to the cable and a VHS tape player. This allows video recording on the MacPro from all three sources.


Note that the raised base for the chair provides a stable support for the monitors and makes it easy for me to stand up with my arthritic knees.