Summary of Computers Used

tuesday, 14 february 2006 18:00
What I hope to add to this blog in the future is a little info about computers that I have used in the past. The following is just a list of what I can remember now though I will update the list if I remember more. They are in chronological order: Wolverine adding machine Post slide rule Analog computer IBM System 360 - card reader GE Timeshare TeleType - paper tape DEC PDP 8/e HP 35, 45, 25 calculators IBM System 370 General Automation SPC16 Computervision Control Data 6600, 7600 Apple IIe TI99/4 home computer Commodore 64 IBM TSO/CMS VAX 780 Apollo Control Data 830 IBM PC - DOS DEC Rainbow PC - CP/M Apple Lisa Mac XL Mac 512, Plus, SE, SE30, IIci Compaq PC - Win3.1 iMac HP Unix workstation Toshiba laptop - Win98 Compaq, Dell - Windows 2000 Sun workstation - Solaris Power Mac G4, G5 - OSX Virtual PC - Windows XP eMac, iBook iMac G5