Computer Inventory

wednesday, 27 february 2008 18:00
I was just exchanging email with an old friend and mentioned this blog to him. I said I needed to update it so decided not to procrastinate any further. This update will relate a current inventory that I did of my computer collection. Note this is somewhat an update to the posting of Feb 15, 2006 titled "Summary of Computers Used" except these are computers that I presently own. The number in ( ) is the number that I have of that model. That should total 44 "computers" in my museum though only about 80% are working. Wolverine Adding Machine Post Slide Rule TI99/4 (2) TI99/4A Black & Silver (9) TI99/4A Beige TI99/4A Modified with Mechatronics 80 Column Card & Rave 101 Keyboard Mac Plus (2) Mac SE/30 Mac Classic II (2) Mac IIvx Mac IIci (2) Mac PowerBook 170 (2) Mac LC II Mac LC III Mac Quadra 660AV Mac Performa 630CD Mac Performa 636CD Mac Performa 6116CD (2) Mac Powerbook Duo 2300C iMac G3 Bondi Blue iMac G3 Strawberry iBook G3 Blue iBook G4 iMac G5 PowerMac G5 MacBook Pro 15" (Dual processor, away at college) Mac Pro (Quad processor) AppleTV Dell Dimension XPS R400 PC - Win98 Nobilis PC - WinXP